Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Marijuana At The Potluck

On January 24th, an northern Californian elementary school teacher has been arrested for allegedly bringing marijuana-laced food to school affecting school staff while also affecting one student. Some staff complained about a stomach ache while a few left to go to the hospital..
"Teresa Gilmete Badger, a 47-year-old teacher at Matthew Turner Elementary School in Benicia, was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of poisoning after a six-week-long investigation" said Lt. Frank Hartig of the Benicia Police Department.
Police determined that several other people reported feeling like they were under the influence as a result of the potluck, and that one had taken the affected food home, where a 15-year-old family member consumed it.

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  1. I find the actions from this teacher very inappropriate. Even if there was something she disliked about her job, or if she was having a bad day, poisoning food is a crime, and her punishment is definately deserved. Her punishment also may not be as bad as it should be. It doesn't matter what the food contained, poisoning is poisoning and it should have been taken to a higher measure. This just shows how teachers need to be better checked on than they are.