Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NYPD investigated Sex Trafficking

NYPD arrested nearly 200 people for sex trafficking and related crimes in an operation leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl. As major events such as the Super Bowl can increase the incidents of prostitution, federal and local authorities have been working to stop human trafficking, targeting johns and sex traffickers.

"New York Police Department vice units trained in dealing with sex trafficking and prostitution have converged on certain parts of the city in the last two weeks, conducting both street busts and high-end, undercover call girl stings to try and curtail some of the sex trafficking business in anticipation of the Super Bowl."

The NYPD and the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they're dedicating more resources to the issue and have been working cases to target traffickers who victimize young women and men in the sex trade.

Human trafficking is a major problem in this society and people aren't aware of it.

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