Monday, January 27, 2014

Political Cartoons: The Two Branches of Government

     As I was searching for more cartoons to share, I found the one above among many illustrations of Obama... and his low poll ratings. But this one particularly struck me as funny because we, of course, learned that there are really three branches of the government in our country's system and not two. Then, as we read on, the two branches that are stated are actually Obama's pen and phone. A pen to sign his orders and a phone to make the calls needed. We also see that next to him is a pile of executive orders. 

     Ms. Jablonski spoke about executive orders not even a few weeks ago when we learned about them in class. They are basically legally binding orders given by the President which must be obeyed like a law. And with the addition of the pen and the phone, this shows that Obama has the power to execute his orders. As one can see, this cartoon is essentially about Obama's power as POTUS and his neglect of the other two branches (even though Congress has the power to overturn executive orders). 

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