Monday, January 27, 2014

Supreme Court Goes Against Workers

      Why wear protective gear if you are not getting payed to? The Supreme Court hat recently ruled that steelworkers do not have to be payed for the time it tales to put on and take off protective gear on the job.
      Today the court ruled in favor of the U.S. Steel Corps over workers claims that they should be payed under federal labor laws for the time it takes to put on the gear. 
     The gear includes  flame-retardant jackets and pants, safety glasses, earplugs, hardhats and other equipment. This process must be done in a certain way and is very time consuming. 
     I believe these actions are shady on the corporations part. The workers are hardworking people and can not do their jobs with out the right protective equipment. This just makes steel working a more unnattractive job than it already is. I do not think this case is over yet, the labor union will do all it can to make things right for the unfairly treated workers.

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