Sunday, January 26, 2014

Children Suffer in Syria :(

We are truly fortunate to live in America today. As violent protests remain strong in Syria, there seems to be no end of chaos and dying people all around. I recently saw this video on NBC's website. 

Syria's Children Continue to Suffer in the Crossfire

It is disheartening to watch because at least one third of the children in Syria are under 15. As these innocent young human beings are living and growing up through war-like zones, they experience explosions, gunshots and screaming almost everyday. Imagine growing up and thinking, "This is what the world is."

We should feel blessed that we are living in a free democracy unlike Syria. As the people of Syria continue to fight for their rights, we are comfortably able to go to school or sit in front of a computer reading/typing blogs without a worry of tomorrow. Other children live in fear while the world that they once knew become rubble before their eyes.

Hopefully peace will come very soon, especially for the Children of Syria. 

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