Thursday, January 23, 2014

Major drought in the US

As we all know, winter of 2014 is far different form previous years. There is hardly any rain, the weather is much warmer than usual, and many places are experiences drought conditions. About 60% of the Western United States is experiencing this. Food prices are slowly increasing. Many cattles are being sold because farmers are unable to provide for them due to the lack of water, winds and dry conditions are fueling wildfires across the region, and some ski resorts are closed since there are very little amounts of snow. Snow provides for a lot of Southern California's water supply. The snow that piles up in the winter and melts in the spring eventually drains into the rivers, which provides to the communities in Southern California. Drought is predicted to worsen and this is because of the persistent pattern that Western California is currently experiencing. However if the drought continues, millions of people could be effected economically.

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